Mumbai University to Announce Results on

July 31

The Mumbai University Results 2017 has been delayed for some time now. The patience of the students, guardians and authorities have been tested. But the State Education Minister Vinod Tawde said that the answer keys assessment through On-Screen Marking system is making a good progress and that the results from the varsity will be out by July 31, 2017.

The results are taking time because of the transition in the way of checking from the manual mode to online assessment. The Education ministry commented that there will be an investigation if the reason for the delay is technical in nature or because of the inadequacy of the company, which was outsourced the task of assessment through online format. The Maharashtra government will be conducting a detailed investigation into the hold up in the announcement of results for the examinations conducted by Mumbai University. The teachers are checking through the papers at the Central Assessment Process Centres in Mumbai. The Education Minister assured that the quality of the assessment will not be compromised because of the situation. There are 5 Lakh papers that have to be evaluated before the given date of July 31, 2017. Also Read: PET Results 2017 Released: Check Now! The University has also asked the Third Year professors to accompany the evaluation process and has declared non-instructional delays for all the faculties. Almost 100 Pharma students who has made it to the top list of 1000 ranks in Joint Entrance Exam(JEE) for the NIPERs have suffered the most as they won’t be able to take part in the counselling process.

Absence of evaluator list caused Mumbai university result delay, says firm hired for online process

Three days before deadline to declare degree college results, MeritTrac, the Bengaluru-based information technology firm carrying out the on-screen assessment of answer sheets, claimed that the University of Mumbai is yet to provide them with a complete list of evaluators causing delay and snags in the assessment process.

The firm said they had requested a consolidated list of all evaluators in a particular format, but the university has not given it yet. University officials, however, denied these allegations and claimed that the firm was handed over the required data at the beginning of the project.

Speaking to HT, Nagendran S, executive vice-president of MeritTrac said to successfully implement on-screen marking process, one requires complete details about all the evaluators, including the subjects they assess. “These details were available locally only at colleges and centralised assessment process (CAP) centre. The university didn’t have a consolidated list. We are still receiving evaluator data from varsity officials,” he said.

“Unless and until we get the data in a particular format, we can’t generate username and passwords for evaluators. But the list provided by the university was riddled with error,” he said.

Rubbishing these claims, Deepak Wasave, in-charge director, board of examination and evaluation at MU, said, “On the first day of the project, we gave them a list of around 10,000 evaluators. It was their job to put it in the format they wanted,” he said.

Wasave, however, accepted that the varsity kept adding new evaluators to the list.

He also blamed MeritTrac for slow servers, problems in generating OTPs and mix-up of answer sheets at CAP centres. The company denied the responsibility of these issues. “There are several factors behind these issues. Sometimes the connectivity of the local area network (LAN) is poor. The generation of OTP also depends on the telecom network. Mix-up of answer sheets occurred due to their mislabelling,” said Nagendran.

45-day deadline over, MU fails to declare results of over 50 exams

Even as its 45-day deadline has passed, Mumbai University (MU) is yet to declare results of over 50 exams conducted by it this year.

Meanwhile, admissions to the next level of many courses have already begun in MU as well as other universities.

In the absence of results, students are unable to take admission in other universities, while MU has been providing provisional admissions.

A student of TYBSc said, “I want to study in a college affiliated to University of Pune, however in the absence of marksheet I was denied admission. I have requested a college to give me provisional admission, considering the fact that delay in results in not my fault.”

Results of third-year BSc, BA, MCom, final year law in three years and five years course, third year BMM and others are among those which are yet to be declared. After a series of complaints from students, MU’s examination department on Friday, July 17, conducted an emergency meeting regarding the delay in the declaration of results of exams conducted in April-May 2015.

According to officials, the modernisation of the examination system is the main reason behind the delay as the Central Computing Facility (CCF) department of the examination section is yet to process the results. There has been a major delay in declaring the results of exams conducted by MU almost every year. As per the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994, results must be declared within 30-45 days from the concluding date of the examinations.

Sources in the examination section said the Controller of Examination (CoE), in order to make the examination process error-free and also to cut down malpractices, had introduced a new system wherein colleges were expected to submit their internal marks for project work on CDs instead by emails. So, the computerisation process has increased.

“As the process has become cumbersome, the CCF department has been grappling with extra workload. There is already shortage of staff and the staff present is very lethargic. CoE Dinesh Bhonde has informed Chancellor C Vidyasagar Rao and Vice-Chancellor Dr Sanjay Deshmukh about the lethargy of the CCF department, due to which both the revaluation results of November 2014 and final exams of April 2015 have not been announced,” said a senior official. While the university conducts exams for around 536 subjects, the revaluation and final exam results of over 50 subjects are pending. Bhonde, however, said the situation this year was much better and MU was declaring results phase-wise.





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